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Good times and bum times, I’ve seen them all, and my dear, I’m still here.

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Prompt: Kurt and Blaine and rainy day activities - for Knits :)

I cheated and did another one with another palette. I’m hoping this prompt acts as a magical raindance because I’m dying here from this heat! Raiiiiin, I need rain, like, yesterday.

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Klaine, Ladies and Gents. huntsmancosplay 


Seriously??  Everyone get on this right now - tell ‘em what you wanna see with Klaine in S6!  GO GO GO!!

klaine + those little kurtandblaine things (aka little things i never knew had the power to destroy an entire fandom)

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Glee club is about what’s inside of you - not what’s coursing through your veins.

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He (Chris) looked like a dashing prince. He looked like he belonged on a throne, instead of on a set surrounded by cast and crew. —

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Wait - what was the question here?

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Naya should win an award for like biggest plot twist of 2014 bc no one saw this coming

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